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Using Windows®Movie Maker 2

An introductory guide for school teachers and college and university lecturers

This book shows in clear and simple steps how to create a short movie for your students and pupils. Using the widely available software Windows ® Movie Maker that packages with Windows ® XP, this book demonstrates how effective educational content can be displayed on TVs (via DVD), on computers, on the internet, and on mobile phones.

 You can begin making films without access to a video camera, because the book tells you how to access educational video clips already available at reputable online video archives. It is also easy to incorporate your own digital photos and existing Microsoft ® PowerPoint slides.

 As you develop your confidence and skills it is also possible to edit with your own webcam narratives and video camcorder interviews and clips. The book also covers important topics like editing different sound files, such as background music, and how to approach the complexities of copyright legislation.

This book will encourage you to make full use of the digital video and sound mediums, so as to reach your class with exciting and effective presentations. It is suitable for those working in schools, colleges and universities and will also be of interest to trainers working in a business environment.

Philip Haynes has worked in education for over 15 years. His experience includes the development of online learning and encouraging teachers and lecturers to make full use of information technology in learning. He has taught software skills for many years.  He is joint author with Shirley Bach, Jennifer Lewis Smith (2006) of Online Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, published by the Open University Press.

December 2006  93pp, plus CD  ISBN:0953406512  
Wiro binding for easy everyday use
£13.99, plus postage and packing