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Alcock, P. ed, eta al (1997) The Student's Companion to Social Policy

Byrne, D. (1998) Complexity Theory and the Social Sciences

Chomsky, N (2003) Hegemony or Survival

Clarke, J. Gewirtz, S & McLaughlin, E. (2000) New Managerialism, New Welfare

Clasen, J. ed (1998) Comparative Social Policy

Cillers, P. (1998) Complexity and Postmodernism

Corby, B (2000) Child Abuse: Towards a Knowledge Base

Davies, M ed (2000) The Blackwell Encyclopadeia of Social Work

Delanty, G. (2000) Modernity and Postmodernity: Knowledge, Power and the Self

du Gay, P. (2000) In Praise of Bureaucracy

du Gay, P. Evans, J. & Redman, P. (2000) Identity: A Reader.

Evans, J. & Hall, S. (1999) Visual Culture: A Reader

Exworthy, M. & Halford, S. eds (1999),Professionals and the New Managerialism in the Public Sector

Giddens, A (1997) The Third Way.

Giddens,A et al (2003) Introduction to Sociology

Graham, H (ed) (2000) Understanding Health Inequalities

Haynes, P (2003) Managing Complexity in the Public Services

Hepworth, M. (2000) Stories of Ageing

Hill, M. (2000) Understanding Social Policy

Hill,M. et al (2000) Local Authority Social Services: An introduction

Hill, M (1997) The Policy Process in the Modern Society

Horton, S & Farnham, D.eds (1999) Public Management in Britain

Jenks, C. ed. (1998) Core Sociological Dichotomies

Joyce, P (1999) Strategic Management for the Public Services

Lewis, G. Gerwirtz, S. Clarke, J. eds (2000) Rethinking Social Policy

Mackay, H & O'Sullivan, T. (1999) The Media Reader

Powell, M. (ed) 1999 New Labour, New welfare state?

Rose, A. & Lawson (1999) Public Services Management

Sayer, A. (1999) Realism and Social Science

Sharples, M. (1999) How we Write: Writing as Creative Design.

Spicker, P. (2000) The Welfare State: A General Theory

Squires, P. (2000) Gun Culture or Gun Control?

Trevithick, P (2000) Social Work Skills - A Practice Handbook

Turner, B.S. (1999) Classical Sociology

Twigg, J. (2000) Bathing - the Body and Community Care

Woodward, K. (2003) Social Sciences: The big issues








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