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Discussion Questions -

In what ways might 'nature' be seen as sacred in today's society?

How does nature provide a focus for people's experience of community?

What are the key features of the 'communitarian' perspective?

In what ways does (or doesn't) New Labour live up to the 'communitarian' label?

What do you understand by the term 'cyberspace'?

What are the key similarities and differences between physical and
virtual communities?

What aspects of your own lives and connections with others are lived-out on the Internet?


Why have criminologists been so interested in community?

How has the perceived relationship between crime and community changed over time?


What is an 'ethnic enclave'? What are its characteristics?

What is an 'ethnoburb'? How is this different from an 'enclave'?

How does global mobility change people's experience of community?


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